On June 15th, 1999 the Swatara Cooperative Trout Nursery officially began operations. Approximately 2000 Brook Trout, 1300 Rainbow Trout and 100 Golden Trout were delivered by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. The fish were hatched at the Benner Springs location. The average length on delivery was 4.5 inches.  By April, 2000 the average length was over 12 inches.
The Nursery continues it's successful operation for 2001 with Brook,  Rainbow, Palomino, and Brown trout.

Swatara Cooperative Trout Nursery
April, 1999---The crew from James C. Cook and Sons, Inc. put the finishing touches on the top of the raceway walls. .
Paula Lengle, a visitor to the nursery is fascinated by the thousands of fish.
Stocking Sweet Arrow Lake and Swatara Creek